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17 Jan 2020
The National Network for Children Bulgaria informed that the "Our Money" (Bulgarian: “Нашите пари”) program which was launched in 2016 in Bulgaria will include more than 2050 students by the end of the 2019/2020... Read more
16 Jan 2020
Greece's first integrated online platform for adoption and fostering will be implemented by the end of January. It will help reduce and significantly simplify the adoption process, according to the country's Deputy Minister for Social... Read more
16 Jan 2020
The “Towards Inclusion” conference celebrates 10 years of coordinated EU action on deinstitutionalisation.  It aims to take stock of past achievements and set a common vision for the future. The event is... Read more
16 Jan 2020
Realizing how virtual reality (VR) is something that is being used increasingly, 'The Children's Society' tried if it can be used to help young people. Hypothesis: Practitioners in Birmingham told the Society about how young people... Read more



Nenad Matejić's pictureNenad Matejić has just rated the content Gender-based violence affecting children and youth on the move.
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Chrysa P.'s pictureChrysa Pyralemidou has just subscribed to a webinar: Child to parent violance and abuse - A practioner's guide to working with families.
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