Special section: Empowering children and youth through Art

Welcome to this section dedicated to the use of Arts as a way to engage and empower children and youth affected by adversity. You can find resources and news on the issue and updates from a pilot project of Tdh with IICRD to build resilience for the ones affected by migration and conflicts in Iraq and Eygpt, through artistic projects.


11 Sep 2018
In Vrsac, Serbia the training course for youth workers " Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama" has just ended, where 26 youth workers from 6 countries learned from experts from Spain, England, Hungary and Serbia how to use applied drama... Read more
01 Sep 2018
The YouCreate September Bulletin highlights the project activities over the months of July and August. The Bulleting summarizes activities on the global and the country (Egypt and Iraq) levels. The documents referred to in the... Read more
18 Jun 2018
In Bacau, in the communes Negri, Racova, Scorteni, Sărata, Bogdăneşti and Pîrjol, the children built their models for their future playgrounds. The workshops were facilitated by 3 architects from Bucharest, with expertise in the development of rural... Read more


07 May 2018
This article presents a brief description of the Monitoring and Evaluation Structure used for evaluating social, cultural and practical impacts of projects. The structure is developed by a community-based public art organization called... Read more
01 Jul 2017
ChildArt’s “Your Brain on Art” focuses on the intersection of the arts and brain research, describing projects involving children in schools as well as cross-cultural and community outreach. Divided in three sections, it ... Read more
14 Jun 2017
This review examines how arts-based practices contribute to the mental health and resilience of children and young people aged between 11 and 18 years. Drawing on findings from 8 papers, the study identified a number of positive effects... Read more

Other resources

13 Jan 2020
Annually, children and young people in the services of 'The Children's Society' are given money to cover the expenses of a project important to them. The funding allows them to learn new skills and be involved in activities to help them... Read more
09 Nov 2018
The Bulgarian Society for Group Analysis and Group Processes (BSGAGP) shared the short film "The Found Children" on their YouTube channel. The film is part of the GLOBUL long-term social program "Let's Hear the Children's... Read more
07 Aug 2018
We are sharing this BITelevision interview with the psychologist from the Assistance Center for Tortured Survivors, Kalina Yordanova, on the issue of the refugee crisis and children who are the most vulnerable victims of it. In the video Kalina... Read more


Empowering children and youth through Art

Digital stories as a tool for health promotion and youth engagement
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Canadian Public Health Association
This article describes the outcomes of a project called “Prevention and Preservation” which involved participants from several communities on Vancouver Island, particularly a youth research team, youth participants and 14 elders.
Ethics in Community-University-Artist Partnered Research: Tensions, Contradictions and Gaps Identified in an “Arts for Social Change” Project
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: SpringerLink
This study was conducted by an interdisciplinary research team from six different universities in Canada and Australia with the aim to explore ethical dilemmas that multi-partnered research on arts-based interventions to promote social change may
Project Lift: Trauma therapy for Syrian children
Date of publication: 2016
The Daily Sabah (Turkey) reports on Project Lift, which  is a volunteer organization that offers creative arts therapy to refugee children from war-torn Syria.  The brainchild of the 16-year-old Emir Özsüer, who wanted to do something for the disp
Youth Creating Disaster Recovery and Resilience: A Multi-Site Arts-Based Youth Engagement Research Project
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: University of Cincinnati
"Youth have historically been understudied in disaster research and largely excluded in practice.
Social Circus: The Cultural Politics of Embodying “Social Transformation”
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: New York University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This article describes the work of Cirque Hors Piste, a Montréal’s social circus organization which offers circus training and creates performances with marginalised youth.
Images of War: The Place of the War Past of the Parents in the Second Generation’s Identity
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: Journal of Regional Security
Kalina Yordanova is a a psychotherapist for victims of torture, domestic violence and human trafficking. Her academic work is based on the conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Syria, namely the psychological consequences of war.
Evaluation of the Kts’iihtla (“we light the fire”) project: building resiliency and connections through strengths-based creative arts programming for indigenous youth
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: International Journal of Circumpolar Health
The creative arts – music, film, visual arts, dance, theatre, spoken word, literature, among others – are gradually being recognised as effective health promotion tools to empower, engage and improve the health and well-being in Indigenous youth c
Community building through art-education – Realpearl
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: Innoserv
Art‐education of underprivileged/Roma children + online web shop: The Real Pearl Foundation has an „excellence approved” qualification and their Roma and non Roma students bring 400-500 awards annually from all around the world.
Arts-based Projects for Children and Young People - Project Oracle Synthesis Study
Date of publication: 2014
Project Oracle Synthesis Study: “Arts-based Projects for Children and Young People” examined 18 examples of arts projects and arts-based practice in London.
Social circus and health equity: Exploring the national social circus program in Ecuador
Date of publication: 2014
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
"Social circus programs are expanding worldwide; however, little scholarship exists on their impact. Ecuador offers one of the world’s largest government-sponsored programs, reaching almost 25,000 people annually.


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