Raising awarness about the 9 principles for children on the move

Ignacio Packer, Secretary General of the Tdh International Federation created his own fundraising campaign to better protect children on the move. He decided to make a physically challenging trip, starting on a bike in Berlin on July 1st 2017, cycling 280 kms to Tisa, Czech Republic, then another 232kms to Pelhrimov (Czech republic), making his way to Vienna on the third day (and another 202 kms).


The work of the University of Bedfordshire's International Center Research child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking

The International Centre within the University of Bedfordshire was established in order to inicrease understanding of and improving responses to, child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking in local, national and international contexts. They conduct rigorous academic research, collaborate on applied social research, disseminate research findings, evidence, policy and practice. They are engaging with children and young people in a meaningful and ethical way.


Social Innovation with children

As you may know, the ChildHub project has funding until the end of this year, so the editorial team has started to fundraise for the upcoming three years. We have been discussing with colleagues, partners and experts about ideas and needs that the ChildHub should address. One of the issues that has come up is to foster social change through innovation. 


Serious simulation games for further education of professionals at Kent University

Hello, from the Centre for Child Protection at the University of Kent.

This blog is to tell you about the Centre and the innovative approach to teaching and learning myself, Professor David Shemmings and the team have pioneered here in the UK



January 2017

Hello readers! It has been a while. We hope you have had good holidays and that you are back at work with full swing. We have been quite busy in this period finishing the now ready child participation e-course! The other language versions should be ready by end of February. Another course on supervision will be available soon! With these courses ChildHub has finally introduced its own e-learnings!


Looking to use your language skills for a good cause? – We are Recruiting Virtual Translators!

To extend the Child Protection Hub reach and make a greater impact in the South East Europe region, we are currently recruiting volunteer translators to translate content from English into the following languages:  Serbia/Croatian/Bosnian, Romanian, Hungarian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Russian.

Benefits of volunteering


End of Summer

It is almost September now, people are spending their last days on vacation - many are already back. At ChildHub we also took a break, but we are back in full force!

What's new?

1.We hope you have noticed, now, if you do some actions for which you get points or badges, you get the feedback instantly in a separate pop-up. Do you like it? We do! We were thinking of giving these diferent characters a name. Do you have any suggestions? We are happy to open a competition for names!

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