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The work of the University of Bedfordshire's International Center Research child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking

The International Centre within the University of Bedfordshire was established in order to inicrease understanding of and improving responses to, child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking in local, national and international contexts. They conduct rigorous academic research, collaborate on applied social research, disseminate research findings, evidence, policy and practice. They are engaging with children and young people in a meaningful and ethical way.


Social Innovation with children

As you may know, the ChildHub project has funding until the end of this year, so the editorial team has started to fundraise for the upcoming three years. We have been discussing with colleagues, partners and experts about ideas and needs that the ChildHub should address. One of the issues that has come up is to foster social change through innovation. 


Looking to use your language skills for a good cause? – We are Recruiting Virtual Translators!

To extend the Child Protection Hub reach and make a greater impact in the South East Europe region, we are currently recruiting volunteer translators to translate content from English into the following languages:  Serbia/Croatian/Bosnian, Romanian, Hungarian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Russian.

Benefits of volunteering

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