Awareness Raising Video on Trafficking in Persons

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09 Aug 2019

Terre des hommes has launched a regional TV spot to raise awareness of the phenomenon of trafficking and to enhance the reporting of trafficking cases.
Citizens' attention and reaction is very important in the fight against trafficking in persons.

This spot was created in the framework of the "Improving provision of services and awareness to combat Trafficking in Persons in the Balkans: Albania,  Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo" project, implemented by Terre des hommes, funded by the United States Department of State through the J/TiP program.
#DontCloseYourEyes #ReportTrafficking

☎️ 116006, 112, 129 • Albania
☎️ 080011112 • Kosovo
☎️ 080011111 • North Macedonia
☎️ 116666 • Montenegro


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