The Traveler

Interactive booklet for prisoners and their children
Date of publication: 
16 Jan 2018
Designers Elizabeta Bošnjak i Ivana Hrabar
psychoterapist Lina Đulvat and members of NGO Roda
Roditelji u akciji – Roda

"The Traveler" addresses the most common issues and emotions faced by children whose parents are in prison. It does not cover all the problematic situations and as such can not be a substitute for a sincere and affectionate contact that will enable the child to express himself openly and share his feelings with an adult. However, it gives suggestions on how to deal with certain problem situations, and gives the ability to express emotions through play by intermediate techniques (drawing, assignments), which allows children of certain age to make it easier to express. This book is made for children aged 4 to 10 years.


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