The case of Madalina, victim of trafficking - Intervention of the General Direction of Social Services of Dolj county (Romania: Case discussion in Romanian)

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The case discussed:

The young girl Madalina, aged 17 was referred to the General Direction of Social Services of Dolj county  (DGASPC Dolj) by the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons (ANITP), the Regional Center in Craiova, as a victim of trafficking.

Following the enquiries made by the representatives of DGASPC Dolj, it was found that the young girl is the only child of the family, being adopted  when she was 6 months old. Her adoptive mother died about 4 years ago, and the girl remained in the care of her adoptive father.

Because of the young girl’s inadequate behavior (showing an agressive behaviour towards her father) and the fact that she was frequently leaving home without her father knowing, conflicts within the family occurred.

DGASPC was informed that the minor is a victim of child trafficking, and following the assessment done by the specialists within ANITP, the following needs were identified: emergency care meaning including her in a protection center and offering psychological assistance to overcome the effects of the abuse. Therefore, the minor was brought to the Emergency Centre in Craiova as decided by DGASPC Dolj.

Within this period, Madalina benefitted from specialized services of assisting victims of trafficking (protection shelter, addressing her basic needs, counseling and emotional support).


Pantelimon Roxana- Inspector within DGASPC Dolj

Popescu Aurelia- Inspector within DGASPC Dolj

Mocioi Iudit-  Inspector within DGASPC Dolj

Matala Mirela-  Inspector within DGASPC Dolj

During the case discussion, the intervention measures applied and all stages of the case will be presented in detail, subsequently leaving space for discussions on good practices and for any questions / suggestions from the participants.

When and how long?

Friday, 27th May 2016, at 12.00h (EET). Duration: max. 1h


Online at:

To whom is addressed?

All interested persons, especially professionals working on similar cases from public institutions and NGOs, Romanian speaking. The maximum number of participants: 25.

How do you enrol?

Registration/ authentification on is required. Enrolment to the case discussion is done by clicking on the "Join this case discussion" button. Taking into consideration the limited number of participants, please secure a place in due time.   

How do you access the online discussion?

Access the link:

This discussion is the third in a series of five case discussions which will take place from March to July 2016 (one case per month).
Case discussions represent an unique opportunity to develop our knowledge and to optimize  practices in child protection, so as to attract support and to obtain validation. The ultimate aim being, of course, improving the work undertaken by all of us with children and families, which otherwise forms a valuable learning experience.


For more information, please contact the national associate for Romania:

Raluca Icleanu



Date and time for case discussion: 
27 May 2016 - 12:00pm
Learning points: 
  • The case of Madalina revealed how important is the collaboration between different institutions such as county level child protection institution- DGASPC, Agency against THB- ANITP, Brigade for combating crime- BCCO for her to receive appropriate support. The services provided to her by ANITP as victim of trafficking were completed by the ones of DGASPC.
  • Looking at her history and profile, it is visible that the risk to be victimized again is very high. Social services should monitor her quite often and evaluate the impact of the services provided to her in order to limit this risk. If impact is low, than supporting services should continue to be offered.
  • DGASPC should constantly communicate with all parties involved especially with the Police for the protection of the entire family and the victim of child trafficking.
  • DGASPC identified a placement center for the girl as the father did not accept to live with him, neither other family members would take her. The best interest of the child as mentioned in the national child protection law 272/2004 is to stay in the family and ensure that the child is placed to one of the family members upon the 4th grade of kinship. In this regard, several actions should be considered by the social services, such as mediation meetings between the father and the child, activities that would involve other family members.


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