I sing, jump, make movement, it's not difficult - I want to do it again

Date of event: 
11 May 2019 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Jelena Kudric, defectologist, speech-language pathologist, psychomotor educator, Montessori educator
Milica Pejcic, master speech-language pathologist, Montessori educator
EC “Korak po korak 2“
EC “Korak po korak 2“, 76 Braće Jovanovica street, 26 000 Pancevo
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10 May 2019

Stimulation of the development of communicative and social skills with children through sound, movement and rhythm

Recent child brain research shows that speech-language games that stimulate all senses in combination with sound, rhythm movement have lasting stimus on the nervous system.

Speech, singing, jumping, clapping, rhythm and movement represent a true fitness for the brain. The use of small props during the game additionally revives the language competence of children. For each child, voice, fingers, hands and feet are enough to motorically express the demands that activities / games require from them without the use of speech. As time goes by, a certain game through imitation brings out a desire for verbal or nonverbal communication t in the child.

On May 11th, 2019, the Educational Center "Korak po Korak2" will organize a one-day seminar on stimulating the development of communicative and social skills in children - through sound, movement and rhythm.

Participants in the program will gain knowledge of the application of the activity of stimulating the development of communicative and social skills in children through sound, movement and rhythm. Through activities in which children hear the sound and rhythm that causes them to move (movement of the entire body or its parts), they listen and begin to create music (which implies the production of voice and speech and stimulates creativity), their energy improves their learning in many areas

Lecturers at the seminar will be Jelena Kudric, defectologist logoped., psychomotor educator, Montessori educator and Milica Pejcic, master logoped, Montessori educator, both with many years of experience working with children with different language pathologies and developmental disorders

The seminar is intended for experts who are engaged in the rehabilitation of children with developmental disorders (doctors, psychologists, defectologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, personal assistants), everyone involved in the upbringing and education of children (members of professional teams of pedagogical institutions, teachers and educators , special pedagogues, pedagogical assistants) as well as students of social sciences (defectology, medicine, psychology, sociology ...) but also to parents themselves.

The registration fee for the seminar is 3000,00rsd. The price includes working material, certificate, lunch and refreshment at breaks (coffee, juice, water, tea).

For detailed information, the method of registration and payment of the registration fee, interested parties can call +381 (0) 61 / 4400-588 or write to e-mail: steppokorak2@gmail.com


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