Does a lack of specialist services mean that we cannot help children who have been abused?

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14 Jan 2015 -- Judit Németh-Almasi

No!  Of course specialist services are important, especially if we want to help children heal from abuse or where the child has particular behavioural and cognitive problems as a result of their abuse which interfere with their life (for example post-traumatic stress disorder).  However even when specialist services are not available there are still things that can be done to help the child.

Creating a safe environment, treating children with respect, allowing them to gain control over their lives and bodies are also important in terms of helping children heal – both in terms of learning new ways of relating to others and the way they might think about themselves.

There are also other things that can be done, such as ensuring that children are able to access appropriate education, have their basis needs met and develop appropriate support networks which can promote children’s resilience and coping.  This in turn can help with the recovery process.

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