What are the implications when working from a rights based perspective?

Judit Németh-Almasi's picture
14 Jan 2015 -- Judit Németh-Almasi

Working from a rights based perspective is a conceptual shift from the ‘welfare’ perspective, where service s and help are seen as being something that is dispensed according to the good will of the service provider (and in some case the perceived ‘deserving’ of the client and expected gratitude) to a position which recognises that children (and their families) have rights which are guaranteed by law and which they are entitled too.

Children and families are not seen as beneficiates but as rights holders and service providers are seen as ‘duty bearers’ (that is having a responsibility).  Working from a rights based perspective requires that children and families are not seen as passive receivers of services and support but are proactively engaged in what support is provided and how.  It requires service providers, as duty bearers, to be more consultative with their clients and also to be accountable for their work.

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