What form of abuse should we be most concerned about?

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14 Jan 2015 -- Judit Németh-Almasi

All forms of abuse should be of concern; however the impact of the abuse will almost certainly be different for the child in the immediate, short, medium and long term.When developing care / case plans for children obviously we need to prioritize those abuses / risks which are going to affect children in the immediate and short term (especially where these might be life threateningsituations) but we also need to make sure that we address medium and longer term issues.

Physical and sexual abuses, for example, are causes for concern in the short and immediate term.However we can sometimes ignore or reduce the importance of neglect and emotional abuse, the effects of which are often more of a problem in the longer term.It is well known that emotional abuse can have dramatic consequences into adulthood – frequently resulting in problems for adults with substance misuse, difficultly in maintaining relationships and problems in appropriately parenting their own children.

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