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Arina Cretu
Childhub Newsletters

I would like to start a topic dedicated to newsletters (or maybe there is one and I missed it? :) ). I believe it is a very nice resource/tool.

The latest newsletter is on Justice for Children, available here

All the precious newsletters can be accessed here, after the subscription options[0]=%2A%2A%2...

If one changes the language (to Romanian, for example), then we receive also the list of newsletters i nthat language. 

I was thinking that maybe we could have a more visible way to show on the website where the previous newsletters can be found, it could be in the LEARN and explore menu.

Also, as a topic of discussion, what suggestions do you have for topics/thematics for newt newsletters?

What kind of resources have drawn your attention the most in newsletters?

And maybe others will have other questions :)


Vesna Katalinic
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Dear Arina, thank you for this topic. I like the idea that we can make newsletters more visible on Child Hub and learn part could be suited for it.

Regarding the subject of newsletter here are some ideas:

1. Children and modern technologies

2. Children and the divorce process (how to talk with a child, support for parents and professionals...)

3. Media and ethics when reporting about children and families (and also reporting about work of institutions) - we had some bad experience when clients were contacting media and the names of social workers were dragged trough different television programs and newspapers. Our social workers are very often scared of the media because the institution of social care and Ministry doesn`t protect them.









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