Statistics, research on child marriage in South East Europe

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Judit Németh-Almasi
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Statistics, research on child marriage in South East Europe

Do you know of statistics or research on the subject of early marriages in our region?

Arina Cretu
I haven't found a lot of

I haven't found a lot of material on this topic, but in fact in Europe, Moldova is in the top of marriages before 18.

"Among the regions with a lower prevalence of child marriage—Eastern Europe and Central Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, and the Arab States—we also find countries where a relatively large proportion of children become brides, as in the Republic of Moldova (19 per cent), Indonesia (22 per cent) and Yemen (32 per cent)." - "Marrying too young", UNFPA

Moldova has also a high rate of early maternity - Adolescent birth rate per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19, 1991/2010 - 26 - says "Motherhood in Childhood", UNFPA - here available in several languages

I have also attached a study on the situation of Romani women and girls in Moldova and they have a short paragraph on child marriage on page 52. 

And there is a Paragraph with statistics in the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey Report, 2012, at page 95, also attached below.

"Marriage before age 18 is regulated by the Family Code in Moldova. There are no cultural or religious traditions related to early marriage. Two of the indicators used to report on early marriage refer to the percentage of women aged 15-49 years married or in union before 15 years of age and the percentage of women aged 20-49 years married or in union before 18 (Table CP.3). A third indicator refers to the percentage of girls aged 15-19 years currently married or in union. Ten percent of girls aged 15-19 years were married or in union at the time of the survey. The percentage of women age 20-49 married before age 18 varies by area (11 percent in urban and 18 percent in rural) and is negatively associated with education levels.


Less than one percent of respondents married before age 15, while one percent of boys aged 15-19 years are currently married or in union. Two percent of men aged 20-49 years were married or in union before age 18.


There are discrepancies in the wealth index quintiles. The percentage of early marriages before age 18 among women tends to decrease with increasing wealth index quintiles, from 25 percent among those in the poorest quintile to 8 percent among those in the richest quintile.


Vesna Katalinic
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Dear Judit

Would it be useful for you to get information about underage pregnancy and parenting also?

Unicef and NGO step by step in Croatia have conducted research and made analyse how to manage this cases (2005.)

Here is the link in Croatian, if it is relevant for you, I will make summary in English for you.


Valbona Carcani-Mane
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Dear Judit,

In february 2015 a local organisation in Albania, the Observatory for the rights of the children, has undergone e study on this topic, but with main focus on early marrges within Roma community, as the research so far indicates where the phenomenon si most present and problematic even nowadays. 

The study is based on findings and analysis of previous studies, the ac- tions and policies undertaken by the Albanian State, as well as in the analysis of international documents and legislation in place, - address- ing the issue of early marriage in the country.

According to the report, the analysis of this study, together with its findings is presented at the appropriate moment, when the Albanian Government is developing national policies, action plans and strategies in defense of vulnerable groups and social protection. The findings of this study, are serving as lobbying arguments to get the attention of policy-makers and implementation’s agencies, in national and international level, for the issue of early marriages in Albania. 

The english version can be easily found online on the OCHR webpage:

Kareem Korayem
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very Interesting

very Interesting

Kareem Korayem
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very interesting

very interesting

Tanja Mrkalj
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An article about risk factors

An article about risk factors associated with the practice of child marriage among Roma girls in Serbia (2010).

“The purpose of this study is to assess the risk factors associated with the practice of child marriage among females living in Roma settlements in Serbia and among the general population and to explore the inter-relationship between child marriage and school enrollment decisions.”

This project is funded by: