ARSIS – Association for the Social Support

ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth is a Non Governmental Organization, specializing in the social support of youth that are in difficulty or danger and in the advocacy of their rights. The main target is the prevention of youth marginalisation, the elaboration of policies which defend youth rights and the active social support towards disadvantaged young people.

ARSIS was established in 1992 and since then it operates in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Alexandroupoli, Kozani and Tirana due to the active participation of members, volunteers and young people.

ARSIS vision is a society of equal opportunities for all young individualswith respect of their rights like those that are outlined in the Greek and International Law through the UN pact for Children’s Rights.

  • ARSIS mission is to take actions for the prevention of youth exclusion. In this frame, Arsis develops new methods and tools for youth support, organizes and participates in networks for social solidarity, cooperates with public and private services and promotes improved methods for the social policy of youths.
  • ARSIS offers its services to young individuals who live under conditions of poverty, neglect, victimization, conflict, disapproval, exploitation, isolation, racism or they are having problems with law, they are institutionalized, have dropped out of school, they don’t have family or a place to live. Generally, ARSIS offers help to those living under difficult situations.
  • ARSIS suggests the promotion of social collaboration and personal values of the young individuals in contrast with the Greek and European policies, which are based in suppression and lead to poverty and social exclusion.
  • ARSIS mobilizes staff and volunteers and works with collective values and social solidarity, democracy and mutual respect. 

It provides services such as:

  • psycho-social support
  • preparation for employment
  • legal support
  • educational support
  • temporary housing and food services for young people without home or in major difficulty,
  • social and recreational mobilisation.
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19 Jul 2017
  NGO Juventas (Montenegro) is seeking for an expert that will offer consultancy for enhancing the standards of service delivery by CSOs that support Roma and Egyptian (R/E) Youth in Western Balkans. Deadline for appication 17 July...
21 Mar 2016
ARSIS in Albania, in partnership with SHKEJ and in associated partnership with Ushten, expects to establish a long term action plan for social services and their underpinning activities which will be developed and delivered at the Multi-Functional...
21 Mar 2016
ARSIS, in partnership with SHKEJ and in associated partnership with Ushten, expects to establish a governance body, within an overall management concept, and an operational staffing structure for the Multi-Functional Community Centre (MFCC) which is...

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