End of Summer

It is almost September now, people are spending their last days on vacation - many are already back. At ChildHub we also took a break, but we are back in full force!

What's new?

1.We hope you have noticed, now, if you do some actions for which you get points or badges, you get the feedback instantly in a separate pop-up. Do you like it? We do! We were thinking of giving these diferent characters a name. Do you have any suggestions? We are happy to open a competition for names!

2. We heard you: due to the current pre-occupation of Europe with refugees, our news stream has been flooded with related articles: while we wish to continue reporting on this, we will now display these news under the highlight page 'refugee crisis', while the general news will feature more child protection related activities.

3. Did you know? If you are the author of a publication we feature, you can now identiy it as your product by clicking the button "Link me as the author of this resource". The administrator will be notified and if all goes well, your personal profile on ChildHub will be linked with the document - and the document will appear on your personal profile page.

4. For the last quarter of the year ChildHub is planning to organise exchange visits to four pre-defined locations to allow professionals to learn about a good practice from first experience. Look out for details in the next weeks!

Hope your transition back to work is going well and we are always delighted to hear from you. Write to us!

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