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Workshop on Child Safeguarding Focal Points in Bulgaria by Keeping Children Safe (Classroom learning)
12 Jun 2018
Keeping Children Safe are in the process of organizing a training program in Sofia, Bulgaria on the topic of Child Safeguarding Focal Points within organisations.
E-course on “Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring” (E-learning course)
18 Apr 2018
Provided by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, this course aims at providing training on both coaching and mentoring to be applied in emergency responses for those who work in the humanitarian field.
Fatherhood E-Learning Module [60 minutes to complete] (E-learning course)
04 Apr 2018
This is a short self-paced course, that provides an overview of key insights and data on the unique and irreplaceable role that fathers play in the well-being of their children.
One-day training on "Techniques for Working With Emotions /Psychological Support of Children/ - Shame and Guilt" (Classroom learning)
17 Mar 2018
The Pliska Consultation Center have organized a one-day training on "Techniques for Working With Emotions /Psychological Support of Children/ - Shame and Guilt". The event is entirely in Bulgarian.
Online course: Why Do People Migrate? Facts (E-learning course)
05 Feb 2018
This course provides an introduction to one of the most misunderstood issues in the modern world: migration.
Online course: Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance (E-learning course)
05 Feb 2018
Mindfulness is essentially about being more aware and awake in every moment of your life.
Online course: Participatory Practice for Children and Young People Affected by Sexual Violence (E-learning course)
15 Jan 2018
This e-course is designed for practitioners working with children and young people affected by sexual violence in order to help them develop particpiatory practices all through their work.
Managing sexualised behavior in primary schools- online course (E-learning course)
13 Nov 2017
Gain the skills to assess and manage incidents of sexualised behaviour within your primary school. Working at your own pace, this online course will teach you how to:
Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Young People (E-learning course)
06 Nov 2017
This free course, aimed at parents and professionals, is being offered as a guide to helping identify and deal with depression and low mood amongst teenagers and young people.
New Media for Children at the age for elementary school (Self study materials)
30 Oct 2017
This short document guides parents on how to manage their children when dealing with new media. New media such as computers, internet and mobile phones, but also television,  are very tempting for children at this age.


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