In-game Chat: What Parents and Carers Need to Know [Video]

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30 Jun 2020

While online gaming is popular and fun, it can expose children to harm or risk. UKie and Thinkuknow teamed up to give advice about online games and chat.

Online games are social activities and communicating is an essential part of them. The chat functions may differ depending on the game, but usually, there is a possibility to communicate through text and voice calls even with strangers. Although developers take it seriously to prevent any misuse of these functions, it cannot be fully avoided. 

All gaming platforms have settings that can help to protect children from inappropriate chat. This includes limiting chatting to only friend lists or turning it off, customize chat or monitor and report inappropriate chats

Parents and carers can help to avoid these situations by:

  • playing together with the children.
  • Frequently asking about these games.
  • Placing the computer in shared spaces
  • Limiting computer time.
  • Encourage children to tell if anything feels uncomfortable or weird.

Further advices on wider safe place practice:


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