Movement, games, sport: Pizza massage [Video]

Terre des hommes Ukraine
Date published: 
01 Feb 2019

6 years and older

Short exercise, perfect for relaxation in the end of a session.


The participants stand in a circle, turn by 90 degrees so they can look at the backs of their neighbors, grab the shoulders of the person in front and follow the instructions of an animator. 
The instructions are the following:
Knead the dough with the tip of your fingers, as if you were squeezing a
ball with the inside of your hands.
• Smooth on some tomato paste gently with the palm of your hands.
• Sprinkle on cheese with the tip of your fingers.
• Add ingredients of choice – pineapples, ham, olives and much more with
the tip of your thumbs on your partners back.
• Put the pizza in the oven. To do this put both palms together and rub
them until they feel really warm. When they do put the warm hands on
your partners back
• Take the pizza out of the oven when ready and cut it in pieces. For this
step do light karate chops on your partner’s back
• After the pizza is ready, switch partners.


As for psychosocial skills, this exercise develops imagination, trust and helps to relax. 
As for physical skills, participants develop strength and fine motor skills.

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