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A Framework for Effective Child Welfare Practice Series Part 2 of 5
Published by Children's Bureau (US)
The process of building evidence and spreading effective practice in child welfare begins with investigating a problem, identifying a target population, and exploring possible solutions.
Faith based child abuse, Bullying & Media Training
Published by Social World Podcast
In this talk David Niven shares thoughts on child abuse in relation to faith and belief and covers cyber bullying as well.    
Invisible Picture Show (Video)
Published by End Child Detention
The Invisible Picture Show is an animated documentary featuring the voices of children in detention.
BKTF Coalition: Child Labour in Albania
Published by BKTF Coalition Albania
The phenomenon of child labor continues to be a great concern for Albania. Legal improvements, and the creation of various mechanisms to protect children have not resulted effective to prevent children's employment.
Interviewing the Child Client: Approaches and Techniques for a Successful Interview
Published by The American Bar Association Section of Litigation Children's Rights Litigation Committee
This training video provides practical guidance and demonstrations of techniques that can help lawyers work effectively with their child clients.   
Four Steps to Prevent Burnout in Your Office (Child Hub Video)
This video provides employers specific ideas on how to ensure that their staff do not reach the burnout level. The advice provided is practical and could be implemented across fields. 
Understanding child trafficking and the challenges for practice
Published by The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS)
In this clip, Paul Rigby (Researcher in child protection, Glasgow Social Work Services and on secondment at the Criminal Justice Social Work Centre, University of Edinburgh) talks about some recent work undertaken in Glasgow focused on the issue o
Which countries treat children like children? (Infographic)
Published by The Bureau
Over the last 6 months the Bureau has investigated how different countries in Europe treat unaccompanied minors seeking asylum.
Education: The Situation of Roma in 11 EU Member States - 2014 (Document)
Published by European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights
The Roma community, Europe’s largest ethnic minority, face serious poverty and social exclusion. These problems lead to their exclusion from full, quality educations, which further damages their prospects.


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