[Albania] Approval of Standards of Multifunctional Community Centers

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04 Jan 2019
Tdh Albania


Minister of Health and Social Protection has issued an order that approves the Standards of Service in the Multifunctional Community Centers and charges the respective government agencies to monitor and inspect the application of these standards in the centers. These standards are mostly based in the model of the multifunctional centers that are being operated by four main Municipalities of Albania and technically supported by Tdh. 

The law of 2016 on Services of Social Care mentions the need to offer community based services to its most vulnerable groups. Based on this need a model of functioning for the community centers has been designed with the features of flexible, important and acceptable services from the local community where it will be implemented.

Standards are an important instrument of measuring service quality because they determine a level of service delivery. Standards also help in identifying obstacles during their implementation, as well as identifying needs for additional resources. In this case, this information is also used to raise an issue or advocate for more resources available.

The approved standards will enter into force the moment they are published in the Official Gazette.

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