[Albania] Time is now: Message from the Child Protection in Emergencies Working Group against child sexual abuse and exploitation

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19 Jun 2020
Terre des hommes Albania


Thirteen civil society and international organizations working in the field of child protection in Albania, part of the working group for the Protection of Children in Emergencies, came together to draw an advocacy letter addressed to major actors, responsible for the protection of children, in response to the recent severe cases of sexual violence towards minors.

It starts by mentioning all the international and national legal framework that seek for the necessary institutions to ensure the safety of the children and specifically citing the Article nr 23 of the latest law on the protection of the rights of children which states that “The child has the right to protection against all forms of violence, including abuse, neglect, exploitation, trafficking, hostage-taking, pornography, sexual abuse, and other forms of violence”.

According to the letter “…the signatory organizations call on the public institutions to analyze as soon as possible the gaps and barriers that disable the prevention and early identification of child abuse, and the drafting of concrete measures to eliminate these obstacles and to design and implement policies that will enable the treatment of such cases with priority and in each case in accordance with the best interests of the child. Emphasis should be placed on cross-sectoral coordination, where all sectors that provide services to children and families understand their role and responsibility in protecting children and coordinate in order to prevent and identify cases of child abuse as early as possible. Plans and measures should have an approach based on the rights of the child and bring to life the commitments that the Albanian state has made by becoming a party to the above Conventions. Regarding the above, we call for a meeting of the National Council for the Rights and Protection of the Child, whose main task is to advise and coordinate state policies to guarantee the rights and protection of the child in all areas as well as the establishment of a technical coordination committee in charge of the implementation of the legislation and policy framework for the protection of children from all forms of violence with the participation of all relevant sectors”

It also calls upon the society that it is time to a mind shift and that it has become paramount the changing of the culture of impunity to the perpetrators and victimization of the victim.

Full letter can be find attached, below the text.


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