[Albania] UNICEF Calls out Albanian Authorities and Press on its Handling of Child Violence

15 Feb 2019

After two scandals in Albania – a recent gang rape and a sexual  assault of two minors, UNICEF has expressed concern about the attitudes towards the ways those cases were handled, especially by media and public figures in Albania.

According to them “media coverage is undeniably an indispensable part of the fight to prevent child sexual abuse, however un-necessary, in-sensitive and sensational publicity may cause more trauma to the already devastated survivors of abuse, their families and communities at large.” This is exactly what they say was the case here, with the privacy and dignity of victims being violated by publishing victims` names, reporting in a sensational manner, therefore shifting focus from the crime on victims. UNICEF is urging all relevant actors, from all sectors and fields to make sure the rights of children are protected and that “respecting children’s privacy, dignity, their mental and physical wellbeing, must be placed above all other motivations and drivers that determine our professional or personal standpoint,” should never be compromised.

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