[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Preventive Campaign on the Risks of the Digital Environment for Children in the Republika Srpska

25 May 2020

The entity police in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Hercegovina, as a member of the International Organization ‘Amber Alert Europe’, will mark 25 May, the International Day of Missing Children, by conducting a campaign, #DontBeAnEasyCatch, which aims to educate children, especially teenagers about online recruitment. This prevention campaign, which consists of an animated video in which children are given valuable advice, was designed by members of the Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN-MP).

In the first four months of this year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska (MUPRS) reported the disappearance of six children, five girls and one boy, all of whom were found alive and well.

According to PEN-MP experts: There is still no awareness of recruitment on the Internet. Attention is often focused on the dangers of the outside world, while children can be equally exposed to security risks at home, online. Especially now, when children are spending more time on the Internet, it is important to address this problem and give children the necessary guidance to protect themselves from predators on the Internet.

The video that has been released as a part of the #DontBeAnEasyCatch campaign is available at the link. 

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