[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Winter is Approaching, Where will Migrants live in BiH?

11 Oct 2019
Sarajevo Times

In 2018, the International Organization for Migration (IOM)—with support from the European Union—opened four new Temporary Reception Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are designated for vulnerable migrants: families and single men.

The centres provide migrants with food, water, hygiene and sanitation products, clothes, a non-stop cleaning service, maintenance, as well as security and managerial staff.

The Temporary Reception Centres are listed below:

  • Sedra Temporary Reception Centre in the Cazin municipality, for families and vulnerable migrants;
  • Usivak Temporary Reception Centre in the Hadzici municipality, primarily for single men, but also for families and vulnerable migrants;
  • Bira Temporary Reception Centre in city of Bihac, primarily for single men;
  • Miral Temporary Reception Centre in the Velika Kladusa municipality, primarily for single men;
  • Borici Temporary Reception Centre in the city of Bihac, for families and vulnerable migrants. It was re-opened in December 2018 after a complete renovation.

The IOM supports BiH's Ministry for Security in its duties for the centre coordination and camp management (CCCM) and the Service for Foreigners' Affairs, in order to enhance cooperation with relevant EU institutions and other migration stakeholders. Bosnia and Herzegovina is working on consolidating its national mechanisms to collect, process, analyse and share information on migration issues, which would significantly support regional cooperation on this issue. At the same time, it will bring the national institutions and strategies in line with existing EU structures and agendas.


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