[Bulgaria] The Course on "Realizing (Im)Possible Dreams" Has Begun

19 Nov 2018

How are we realizing (im)possible dreams?


The training project "Realizing (Im)Possible Dreams" of the Know-How Center for Alternative Childcare, New Bulgarian University, has begun and is aimed at building the capacity of professionals working for and with children in the field of child protection and providing state care for children deprived of parental care as well as migrant children. The training is mainly based on: (1) robust methodological tools for working with children and young people to help the young person make his/her "Personal lifetime project after leaving the state care" and (2) setting up a model and coordination mechanism between institutions as a 3-component support network for children and young people leaving institutions in the three areas important for the young person - education, employment and supportive social services.

Continuing Education for Specialists


The main goal is, after passing through the specific trainings, that the teams be supported by supervisors and local trainers during the direct work with young people. It is crucial, first of all, that people working with children in residential care believe that something may change, and feel the need for more skills and knowledge for themselves as professionals in order to be able to work better with young people.

Future and responsibility


It is necessary that children begin to form adequate views of life and to reflect on what they want to happen with them in the future as early as possible during their stay in the specialized residential service. Within the project, we aim to provoke them to take responsibility for their own lives via the idea of drawing up their personal plan and their future.

Success rate in secondary education


It is extremely important to orientate children to successfully completing secondary school, as 45% of these young people still have only primary education. This is a very worrying statistic that makes almost every second young person uncompetitive on the labor market.

Professional and life skills

Last but not least, we also highlight other valuable factors of autonomy and independence, such as abilities and skills to deal with common life events - finding a home, long-term and satisfying work, financial autonomy and stability, family planning and budgeting , which are key to every young person.

You can find further information in Bulgarian as well as learn about the motivations of the Know-How Center for Alternative Child Care in the source article.

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