[Bulgaria] Director Drago Sholev's movie PIG draws attention to school aggression

08 Feb 2019
National Network for Children

PIG is an independent project of the Bulgarian director Drago Sholev and will be part of the main competition program of the upcoming Sofia Film Fest. The film tells the story of the thirteen-year-old Stoyan, played by Rumen Kochev, whom everyone calls the Pig. The hero is a victim of daily bullying by his classmates, lonely and introverted, he has accepted his position and does not fight back until one day instinctively delivers a single but perhaps fatal blow.

The Director Sholev said, "I know that there is such a boy in every class. I know that we often make mistakes in regard to other children and that we may be very bad and cruel to them. I also know that at some point each of us may become the Pig." According to Sholev, the story is "universal and summarizing of certain social and public attitudes and displays how aggression creates outsiders." Despite the universal nature of the film, Sholev hopes the story will spark a debate on the subject of aggression in Bulgarian schools.

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