[Bulgaria] The Health & Social Development Foundation - HESED in aid of isolated communities during the pandemic

18 May 2020
The Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal

The Health & Social Development Foundation - HESED has a mission to help individuals from socially isolated groups in caring for their health and in their personal and professional development. This mission is even more important during the current pandemic, as the most isolated communities are at greatest risk.

The foundation has reorganized most of its activities in its centers in the Fakulteta district and in the Filipovtsi district in Sofia, as well as in the Iztok district in Kyustendil. The organization has begun informing people in the three Roma communities about the ways in which the spread of Covid-19 and the symptoms of the disease as early as March. Their team later launched a campaign to promote adherence to social isolation and personal hygiene, in addition to handing out leaflets and talking to people during field work, the foundation also supports people living in the neighborhood from a distance - via phone and mobile apps like Viber.

In April, the foundation supported around 150 families, striving to provide enough food for at least two meals a day for the children. In providing food and soaps, The Health & Social Development Foundation - HESED has received significant support from the Bulgarian Food Bank, the Communitas Foundation, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, the Tulip Foundation and the US Embassy in Bulgaria, as well as from private donors.

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Health and Social Development Foundation- HESED is receiving three types of donations: food, disinfectants (especially soaps) and protective masks. Those wishing to donate food, soap and masks can contact the foundation via their Facebook page and will receive an answer within a few minutes.

Additional information about the activities of the Health and Social Development Foundation- HESED, as well as ways to support them can be found in the source article in the The Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal (in Bulgarian).

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