[Bulgaria] NBU Developed Training Manual to Battle Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

03 Jun 2019

The Know-How Center for the Alternative Care for Children (NBU), and the Reflective Learning Bulgaria Association have created a training tool for the ‘Firefly’ project, developed by SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria in partnership with SOS Children's Villages Sweden, and with funding by the Radiohjälpen Foundation - Sweden.

Increasing the Awareness of School-Age Children

The ‘Firefly’ project aims to prevent the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation by raising awareness among school-age children, and improving the skills and knowledge of the professionals working with them, to recognize the initial signs of trafficking and carry out preventive work with children from high-risk groups.

In Accordance with the Child’s Age

The manual consists of three parts: a teacher's guide, internet application for the classroom, and a mobile application. The manual is aimed at teachers in secondary schools, and presents a methodology that introduces children to the problem of child trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in an age- appropriate manner.

The manual was created on the basis of the results of a preliminary ‘Firefly’ survey assessing children's knowledge on ‘trafficking of children for sexual exploitation’. A total of 133 children from the 4th and 5th grades were surveyed in various schools within the country.

Better Presentation of the Information

The Classroom Internet Application (sos-svetulka.net) clearly and engagingly presents information regarding the risks of trafficking, their recognition, the stages of getting involved, advice on how children can protect themselves, and which institutions and hotlines can help. The app offers many resources, and a feedback tool for children and teachers.

A Game to Test Knowledge with Each Lesson

The mobile application can be downloaded to an Android smartphone via Google Play and includes the tutorial summary, a game test for each lesson, and an emergency phone book.


The manual, ‘Prevention of Child Trafficking for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation’, is a beta version and will be re-evaluated and presented to the SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria Association after an analysis of the feedback from its implementation.


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