[Bulgaria] New Emergency Center for Accommodating Children at Risk and Blue Room in Kazanlak, Bulgaria

18 May 2019
National Network for Children Bulgaria

The National Network for Children, Bulgaria, announced two new services for children at risk officially opened in the city of Kazanlak: the Emergency Center for Accommodating Children at Risk, and the Blue Room in the Center for Public Support.

The ‘Blue Room’ creates a ‘one-time, friendly conversation with a child who has been victim to or has witnessed violence’. This avoids further traumatization to the child during a hearing, but also provides all concerned parties with the necessary information. The Blue Room consists of 2 rooms connected with venetian glass and equipped with audio and video equipment.

The Emergency Center for Accommodating Children at Risk is at the service of children and parents who have experienced or witnessed violence. The center creates a family-friendly setting to create a calm environment for the traumatized child, and to facilitate a speedy recovery. The center has the capacity for four users per session, and is designed for children aged 3–18 years of age. Children under the age of 3 can be accommodated if accompanied by their mother.

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