[Bulgaria] Parenting Month organized by UNICEF Bulgaria

  • Source: National Network for Children Bulgaria
08 Jun 2019
National Network for Children Bulgaria

The National Network for Children Bulgaria announced that UNICEF is organizing Parenting Month for June 2019, during which the organization will share numerous materials to support parents in Bulgaria. The materials will relate to better policies of governments towards the family, flexible working hours for parents of young children, and the creation of overall support and solidarity from society for parents as "the most significant adults in the child's life."

The global face of the campaign is David Beckham, who is the father of four children. In Bulgaria the face of the campaign is actress Elena Petrova, who states: "I have played many roles, but the most important one is ... to be a parent! There is nothing else that gives you wings and holds you firmly on the ground. That makes you die of fear and frustration, but to bring you so much strength and love. And today, when we talk too much, but we love too rarely and we hate too often; we have bigger houses, but smaller families - it is more important than ever to save time for the children."

UNICEF Bulgaroa aims to engage in dialogue with institutions, NGOs, the media, and businesses regarding the need for policies and general support for families in Bulgaria. The aim of this dialogue is to build "positive attitudes, solidarity and empathy, including towards the more vulnerable children and parents".

Bulgarian parents can find numerous advice on the page of the campaign: www.roditel.unicef.bg

Additional information on the campaign in Bulgarian can be found in the source article.

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