[Bulgaria] Third Monthly Meeting of Know-How Center for Alternative Child Care: 'Value-based or evidence-based research? Don't jump off the bridge!'

11 Oct 2019
Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children

The third monthly discussion meeting, organized by the Know-How Center for Alternative Care for Children, entitled ‘Value-Based or Evidence-Based Research? Don't Jump Off the Bridge!’ was held on 12 September, in the hall of the French Cultural Institute, at Slaveikov Square.

The topic was prepared by Milena Statateva, PhD in Sociology (Warwick University), Master of Social Psychology (St. Kiment Ohridski University), Process Consultant on Change Management (Tavistock Institute), and facilitator of group dynamics (International Business School).

In this seminar, Ms. Statateva presented the need to build a methodological bridge between value-based research (theoretical developments and action-oriented research, i.e. action research) and evidence-based ones (applied empirical conventional methodologies and methodologies for evaluation of programs and policies).

By illustrating four case studies, Ms. Statateva examined the tension between value-neutral approaches and value-based approaches, and argued that value-based approaches, though rarely funded recently, are in no way inferior to conventional research methods.

The audience was aware of the practical dimensions of the methodological ‘bridge’ between progressive and conventional research, and was given the opportunity to discuss the construction of a mixed research framework. In the spirit of action-oriented research, the discussion also opened up a space for considering coordinated lobbying among funders and policy makers to prioritize research in this new paradigm, and to take an approach in training young researchers.

The discussion that followed reviewed the difficulties in collecting and agreeing on data; the barrier of fear that holds back the civic empowerment process and creates dependency on researchers; time constraints in the implementation of research projects; the need for a longer process of confidence building.

A video, in Bulgarian, of the meeting can be found below, while Ms. Statateva's presentation (in Bulgarian) can be downloaded here: http://knowhowcentre.nbu.bg/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Milena-Stateva-pr...


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