[Croatia] 12 Roma Children Expelled from Kotoriba Kindergarten

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14 Nov 2019
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Since 2009, the Science and Education Ministry of Croatia co-funded preschool education and covered the kindergarten fee for all members of the Roma minority.

However, payment was late for 12 Roma children, and even though the kindergarten knows that it will obtain the money,  management has expelled the students.

The kindergarten management referred to a decision which states that a child will be asked to leave the kindergarten if the parents do not pay the kindergarten fee for two consecutive months. The final deadline for payment was November 9. In other words, they held the parents responsible for the payment that is knowingly paid by the ministry, said an MP who added that the ministry also paid funds at the kindergarten's request twice during the school year, and that since 2015, almost 113,000 kuna had been paid into the Kotoriba kindergarten's account.

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