[Croatia] Childhub Project Partner Presented During Exchange Organized by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education

09 Apr 2019

The Croatian Ministry of Science and Education hosted an exchange visit on the subject of ‘Promoting Common Values ​​and Inclusive Education through Cooperation of Educational Institutions and Civil Society Organizations’. The exchange took place 4–5 April. Representatives of European governmental institutions and the European Commission visited three organizations (educational institutions and associations), including the Brave Phone Association – a non-governmental organization focused on the needs, rights and protection of children in Croatia. The Brave Phone team runs a helpline for children and parents, and supports families through programmes based in schools, communities and online. With around 90 percent of children in Croatia familiar with their work, it is the country´s second most recognizable organization. The exchange participants had a chance to learn about Brave Phone, its programs, projects and ongoing activities, and partnership in a Childhub project. Participants expressed an interest in both Brave Phone and the Childhub project, which they consider valuable in the field of empowering and networking professionals who work with children. 

The Exchange visit continued with the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb. Among the speakers was the Deputy Minister of Science and Education, Mrs. Lidija Kralj, who presented the curriculum reform, ‘School for Life’.

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