[Croatia] Meeting of the Multidisciplinary Child Protection Team

26 Sep 2017
Hrabri telefon

On Monday, 25 September 2017, members of the multidisciplinary child protection team met at the Child and Youth Protection Center in Zagreb to discuss the activities of the Child Protection Hub of South East Europe project, as well as gather feedback for improvements and best practices in the area of child protection. In total, 14 team members were present at the meeting, as well as the National Coordinator of the project.

The meeting centered around four main topics. First, the 2017 Activity Report was discussed; the team members were presented with key activities of the Child Hub platform and supporting numerical data with a special emphasis on e-courses and their adaptation to the Croatian language and the legislative system.

The team was then presented with current research concerning the systematic monitoring of the implementation of child protection measures at different levels of governance and potential promising practices. Marina Trbus, an external collaborator-investigator, presented research goals, target population, and alignment of research with European trends.

Next, the National Coordinator presented the objectives and expected results of the project with an emphasis on financing possibilities.

Lastly, the members received new information on the project for the period 2018-2020, followed by a questionnaire in which the team answered questions on best practices and their own expertise, future implementation and any particular comments or suggestions on competencies best suited for the project.

Several valuable themes emerged from the discussion and questionnaire, including the following:

  • School and preschool system - mentoring of experts and education on the topic of encouraging children in personal growth and development, support for excellence (in personal competencies), work with gifted children
  • Strengthening local communities - encouraging cooperation between the Center for Social Welfare, Education and Associations + Sensibilization of Competent Ministries
  • Psychological power of language - use of the media for the purpose of informing experts and the general public.
  • Child Hub platform - further presentation to ministries, highlighting the importance, results and promoting ownership - the purpose of the Platform's sustainability
  • Integrated social services
  • Strategic partnerships at a micro level




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