[Europe] The 2019 Campaign – Vote for Children – Become a #ChildRightsChampion

28 Mar 2019
National Network for Children

During the 2014 European Elections, a network of organisations working for children’s rights came together to elect the ‘Child Rights Champions’ – European politicians engaged in defending the rights of children in Parliament – which led to the establishment of a parliamentary Intergroup on Children’s Rights. Building on that experience, and looking ahead to the 2019 European Elections, a similar collective of organisations is working to recruit the next generation of Child Rights Champions who can re-establish the Intergroup on Children’s Rights inside the European Parliament.

The new Intergroup will focus on three main pillars when defending children’s rights in Parliament: breaking the cycles of poverty, inequality and conflict for future generations (by strengthening the ties between the Parliament, civil society and international organisations); investing in children inside and outside Europe (by allocating funds from the EU Budget to children’s rights projects concerning education, asylum and migration, etc.); and listening to children’s voices, involving them in the decisions that will affect them, and acting on children’s views (providing child-friendly information to children about the policies affecting them, and giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on those policies).

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