[European Union] Anti Knife Programme in Schools and Colleges: The 'My Voice' Programme

27 Dec 2019
The Children's Society

My Voice is a six-week programme in schools and colleges that deals with the exploitation of young people.

My Voice supports teenagers aged 11–19 who may experience social exclusion, youth offending, going missing from home, self-esteem problems, online abuse, and so on. The programme gives teens a safe and reliable envirmonment to consult professionals, and to have discussions and group practices with peers experiencing similar problems.

One of the key issues this programme deals with is knife crime. Many young people carry knives out of fear, to protect themselves from harm, or as the result of pressure from gangs or older people.

This programme helps teenagers who may be considered ‘on the edge of care’, by listening to them and giving them helpful advice, to therefore prevent any of the above-mentioned issues from occurring.

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