[European Union] The Number of Hungarian Children Living in Another EU Country nearly Doubled in Five Years

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28 Nov 2019

In the last five years, the number of Hungarian children living outside of Hungary in another EU country has doubled, reaching 53,000. In the case of Romania, there are almost 600,000 Romanian children living outside of Romania.

A report of more than 100 pages has been published by the European Commission’s Research Centre on children in migration—defined as people under the age of 19, living in the European Union, but not in their country of nationality. These children belong to two groups: children within the EU, or migrants coming from outside the EU. According to the report, 7% of children in the EU (6.6 million) do not live in their own country. Most of these children (4.75 million) come from a non-EU country—mainly Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Turkey and Albania—while children from other countries within the EU are mainly from Romania and Poland.

Families with children are leaving Romania at an incredible rate, with almost 600,000 Romanian children living in another EU country. In second place is Poland, with more than 240,000 children living abroad.

Regarding the country of destination, nearly a quarter of all children in the EU live in Germany, representing more than 1.1 million children.


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