The fourth meeting of Resource Persons, Belgrade, Serbia

12 Oct 2016
Center for Youth Integration

On October 6, 2016, the fourth meeting of Serbian Resource People was organised - at the premises of the Republic Institute for Social Protection with 11 people in attendance.

Agenda of the meeting consisted of two parts; the first part of the meeting was scheduled for a brief overview of the period between the two meetings and the presentation of the activities that have been implemented during the first half of the project. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to discussion related to the development of the Advocacy Plan, as one of the major upcoming activities that will be implemented during the next year.
The local Coordinator of the project presented the flow of project activities implemented in the previous period, with special emphasis on the development of ChildHub online platform so far as well as the presentation of recent data on the number of registered users, resources, documents, held webinars, case discussions. In addition, participants also discussed all the challenges that hinder the use of the platform and most of them are related primarily to technical conditions and workload within the system of social welfare that does not allow enough time for using the platform during working hours.

As mentioned, the biggest part of the meeting was dedicated to discussion about the Advocacy plan. Project team has presented the idea of ​​this plan - the activities and outcomes are focused on responding to one of the needs and recommendations from the Baseline Study that was conducted by Prof. Dr Nevenka Žegarac during 2015. Majority of professionals who participated in the research expressed their need for additional training on communication skills, intervention and working with children from most vulnerable groups or children who have experienced some form of violence, children with trauma. Participants talked about the way how more professionals, who work in direct contact with children, could attend such training free of charge, how to take advantage of ChildHub platform in order to access a guidelines/material from the training that would be created, and how to involve the relevant institutions in the whole process - Republican and Provincial Institute for social protection, Universities, non-governmental organizations.


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