[Hungary] Barnahus is promoted in Eastern Hungary

04 Apr 2019

April 2-4 2019 a training was held in Budapest for child protection professionals coming from Eastern Hungary on forensic interviews conducted in the Barnahus. Dr. Gyorgyne Lazary, director of the Barnahus National Knowledge Center of Hungary and Gordana Buljan-Flander, director of the Zagreb Child Protection Center helped participants understand the concept of Barnahus, and learn how forensic interviews are to be conducted within.

The first day was devoted to providing an introduction into this good practice, with the help of Rebecca O'Donnell, who spoke to the audience from Brussels, presenting the quality standards, while Dr. Maria Lazary explained how the Szombathely Barnahus was created, its physical setup, the professionals who work there, and the current legal environment, under which it operates. Gordana Buljan-Flander also introduced the work of the Zagreb Center.

The two following days were devoted for the introduction of the technique to be used conducting forensic interviews. Gordana shared her vast experience and expertise with the audience and provided opportunity for them to practice, using mini-case studies and role play. The most revealing part of the training was videos Gordana brought - with permission received from her clients - showing specific aspects of the interview, the use of open questions, the use of dolls and how to assess the intellectual capacities of children.


The project "PROMISE II" is being co-funded by the European Union.


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