[Hungary] The boot's footprint remains on their body

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22 Jun 2019

What can someone do who flees from an abusive relationship? Who to turn to?

In many cases, the victim will only devote himself/herself to escape when his or her life or the child's life is in danger. In such cases, it is rarely possible for professionals to prepare the victim for what to bring with them, so they often arrive at crisis centres without documents, money and personal tools.

The process of rescue is not easy, and the crisis telephone service usually involves the child protection centre, the family support service too.

The National Crisis Management and Information Service (OKIT) receives 8000-10000 calls a year, and the the NGO NANE also receives 1,000 emergency calls per year.

In the crisis centre, the victims spend eight weeks, in the secret shelter six months, here is where the first steps are being made to make the victim feel safe.

In spite of all this, 60-70% of the victims go back to the abuser over time, and there are many reasons why they do so, but nonetheless, the professionals do not judge. Every escape attempt is taken seriously, be the first or fourth.

In case of abuse, you can contact the following organizations:

-NANE (Women For Women Against Violence) 06-80-505-101 Every weekday, except Wednesday, can be called between 18:00 and 22:00. The line reserved for survivors of sexual violence is available at 06-30-982-5469 on Friday from 10.00 to 14.00. More information: nane.hu and nokjoga.hu.

-OKIT (National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Service) 06-80-205520 toll-free number, every day of the week, 0-24. Further information: http://bantalmazas.hu/

- In the Hungarian Interchurch Aid Crisis Emergencies, in 7 cities, counsellors, psychologists, and social workers in the country can also be consulted for personal counselling.  For more information, please visit https://www.segelyszervezet.hu/anonimtanacsadas


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