[Hungary] Dr. Szilvia Gyurko: You cannot hit a child.

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25 Jun 2019

In Hungary, there is a law banning corporal punishment since 2005, but 2/3rd of parents think it is okay to hit their child. Surprisingly, 50% of children think it's okay to be hit by their parents.  It is well known that violence in childhood leaves a persistent trait in adulthood.

Dr. Szilvia Gyurkó, Children’s Law Specialist explains to everyone why all forms of violence are harmful to children. In her view, 14 years have passed since Hungary has banned violence against children, but violence is still present in our society.

The majority of parents use violence from a sense of responsibility, but it is a misconception that there are no limitations or rules without physical punishment in childhood.

Dr. Szilvia Gyurkó concludes with her article that parenthood is difficult, but can be learned. And the first step is for everyone to remember the feeling that they had experienced during their childhood physical punishment, and then make the conscious decision that they do not want their children have those feelings.


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