[Hungary] Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s ‘Cloudless Childhood’ Fundraiser Raises 60 Million Forints

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01 Jul 2019

2019 marked the Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s ‘Cloudless Childhood’ sixth annual fundraiser. This year it raised more than 60 million forints, which it spent on summer camps and year-round support for children. During the campaign, 90,000 people called the donation line, but several major media outlets also helped the campaign, and Tesco organized an in-store fundraiser.

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s ‘Climbing’ program provides more than 2,000 children with regular developmental activities and adventure programs in 13 institutions. It also supports individual development. In 2019, the organization held 3 camps at its campsite in Kastélydombó, and plans to hold development and adventure programs for nearly 500 children.


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