[Hungary] Unique procedure in Csongrad County

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23 Jul 2019

Within the framework of the 23rd AGOTA camp, an agreement was signed to strengthen the cooperation between the experts of the Csongrad County signalling system.

The agreement was initiated by the child welfare professionals of the Csongrad County Government Office and involves experts from more than 200 institutions of 25 county organisation. Dr Tünde Juhász Head of the government office said, that the document provides a guarantee that the authority can intervene on time for the minors in need.

Attila Fülöp, Secretary of State for Social Affairs, cited the agreement as an example to follow and emphasized, that the cornerstone of child protection is the cooperation of members is the alert system in their daily tasks.

According to János Kothencz, an expert on child and youth protection, the founder of the AGOTA-Foundation for the Support of Vulnerable Youth Living in State Care the agreement draw everyone’s attention to the issue of responsibility.

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