[Hungary] When blood flows, it’s too late! - campaign of civil organisations against domestic violence

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20 Sep 2019
Átlátszó blog

In Hungary, each week a woman dies by the hand of her partner or ex-partner.

Statistics on Parlament.hu shows that:

  • it is eight times higher the risk that a woman to be killed by her partner, than a stranger,
  • every fifth woman lived in an abusive relationship,
  • every fifth woman will be a victim of sexual violence during her lifetime, and against another 20 percent of women there will be an attempt of sexual violence,
  • 71 percent of all sexual violence is committed by an acquittance or family member.

In spite of these terrible statistics, the police procedures and preventions are rather incomplete. In many cases, they advise that the victim should reconcile with the abuser, and they say, that the police cannot intervene only if “blood flows”.

The organisers of “Until Blood Flow” call states that the police officers do not recognize the warning signs and the characteristics of the abusive relationship. For example, how can a victim report a case of violence, when they still have to deal with the abuser under the same roof?

On September 14th, a rally entitled “Killed Women Will No Longer Give Birth-enough of violence” was held by SzabadNem blog, the Women’s Association and the Like Hungarian Women’s Welfare Association.

Another campaign also calls attention to violence against women. This campaign, “When Blood Flows is Too Late!” was born by the collaboration of several organizations. Participating organizations ask the police to use the restraining order and to monitor compliance with it.  The government is expected to ensure that the Council Of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Elimination of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention) is immediately enforced.

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