[International] Opinion: The urgent need to plan for disability-inclusive education

06 Feb 2019

Devex has outlined five overarching ideas to consider when planning for disability-inclusive education, aiming to address the challenges many educations systems face in relation to making schools accessible, ensuring learning materials are tailored to different needs of learners and teachers being trained to use them.

According to them it is essential to acknowledge inclusive education is a human right, to apply a system wide approach and make sure all aspects are covered, what happens inside and outside the school, how students are assessed, disciplined, how finances and HR and being managed and make sure to consult all relevant stakeholders when making decisions. In addition, it is important to have adequate data collection in place, to be able to locate children that are not attending school, as well as provide necessary support to those that are in school already. Regardless what is on paper, what matters is how the designed policies are being implemented in practice. According to Devex “there is also a growing consensus among development partners on the need for action to address inclusive education and to go beyond policy advocacy to actual implementation.” Finally, inclusive education should be approached not as an obstacle that has to be managed, but rather a beneficial opportunity for all members of society, not only children with disabilities.

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