[International] School violence and bullying a major global issue, new UNESCO publication finds

22 Jan 2019

A new report by UNESCO ‘Behind the numbers: Ending school violence and bullying’ provides most up-to-date data and trends on the global level on bulling and violence in schools. According to the report:

  • Almost one in three students has been bullied at least once a month.
  • Around the same number of children has been involved in a physical fight last year, or was attacked.  
  • In Europe and North America psychological bulling prevails, while in other parts of the world physical and sexual bulling is more dominant.
  • Boys are more likely to experience physical, and girls psychological violence.  
  • Physical appearance is the most reliable factor to determine who is most likely to became a victim

The report goes on to discuss negative consequences of bulling and violence in schools, and provides a set of practical solutions from national level on how to effectively address this issue. The full report is available here.

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