[International] Towards a Child Rights-based Assessment Tool to Evaluate National Responses to Migrant and Refugee Children, Innocenti Discussion Paper DP 2018-04

07 Dec 2018

Increasing number of children requesting asylum in Europe in 2015 caught European child rights actors and agencies by surprise and showed a lot of gaps in the protection system on national level.  As a result, connections between migration, asylum and child protection actors and agencies have increased in local, national and European level.  Agencies specialized for child protection have included support, training and guidance in practice, still working together with migration agencies which have included child rights into their practice of taking care of child protection. This partnership is still in progress, but it is showing a success in putting child rights into the center of migration and asylum policy. Following this approach, European Commission have published a policy in April 2017 which is supposed to guide EU`s Member States in topics related with child´s rights and needs, migration and asylum of unaccompanied children, children migration with their families and children separated from their families. UNICEF has published a paper analyzing available tools, guidance, guidelines and good practices for monitoring and evaluating national response to child migration and refugee crisis and provided recommendations how to unite all those under a single, comprehensive approach based on child rights and the best interest of the children principle.

You can find the report here.

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