[International] The UN is focusing on the rights of children without parental care

04 Feb 2020
Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children

On 18th December 2019, the UN General Assembly Third Comittee formally adopted a Resolution on the Rights of the Child, which focuses on the rights of children without parental care. This is a landmark moment in the progress within the field of rights of children without parental care (see pages 7-21). The Resolution:

  • Recognizes the damage that institutions cause to children and calls for the institutions to be gradually eliminated;
  • Acknowledges the critical need for investments aimed at supporting families staying together and calls on states to move from institutionalizing children to redirecting resources to family and community-oriented services;
  • Calls on States to provide a range of high quality, affordable and inclusive of people with disabilities, alternative care options, and calls for the regulation of these services to be strengthened, including through the provision of legal registration, licensing and oversight mechanisms;
  • Acknowledges that children with disabilities are too often placed in alternative care, especially in residential care, due to lack of investment and the provision of services that can support their families;
  • Recognizes for the first time that volunteering in orphanages, including tourism, can lead to trafficking and exploitation of children;
  • Recognizes that children separated from families and those in alternative care are at greater risk of violence and exploitation than their peers, and acknowledges the responsibility of States to protect all children from all forms of violence, including children in alternative care;
  • Recognizes the major global gaps in statistics on children without parental care, and calls on countries to improve their data collection, information management and reporting systems.

The full document can be found HERE via United Nations Documents.

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