[International] 'What I Wish I Had Known: Burnout and Self-Care in Our Social Work Profession'

The New Social Worker - the social work career magazine

SaraKay Smullens, MSW, LCSW ACSW, BCD, CGP, CFLE, is a certified group psychotherapist and family-life educator. Smullens won the 2013 NASW Media Award for best magazine article. Her book, Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work, grew out of this article.

Smullens discusses the need for including self-care in the training of social workers, sharing the powerful story of her late supervisor`s wife, who recalled her husband coming home after an exhausting workday too tired to even speak. He would say, 'They feel better, but I surely do not.' – a feeling well-known to many in the social work profession. Smullens moves on to discuss burnout among social welfare professionals and the concept of self-care: ‘I share the precise information that I wish I had known about “burnout” and “self-care” in the early years of my work, with references for your further study’.

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