[Kosovo] Decentralization has Not Improved any of the Social and Family Services

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11 Feb 2020

The Coalition of NGOs for the Protection of Children in Kosovo (KOMF) held a national conference to launch a report on the impact of the decentralization process on social services in Kosovo.

The purpose of the report was to assess the effect of decentralization and the impact of this process on the quality of the delivery of social services.

The report's findings and recommendations were discussed with participants, as was the state of the decentralization of social services in Kosovo, challenges and alternatives that might bring about a successful conclusion to this process.

According to Donjeta Kelmendi, Executive Director of KOMF, the process of decentralization has not improved any of the social and family services.

The publication of this report serves as a starting point for annual monitoring of the implementation of the  process, with the aim of increasing the responsibility of public institutions at central and municipal levels for decentralizing social services. The first monitoring report will be published in the coming weeks.

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